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Trainzone, The Right Investment for Your Training Resources

Why Trainzone ?

Trainzone enables you to deliver training courses online for your team. It eliminates the hassle of training management, scheduling conflicts, venue reservation, budget limitations...,etc. With trainzone your team can receive the training they need anywhere at anytime. Trainzone also offers a dashboard to monitor the progress of all employees and the quality of the training delivered. In addition, trainzone offers training budget management tool. You can plan for your annual training budget and allocate the resources wisely to serve all your training needs.

Enterprise features

Trainzone offers you multiple solutions in one platform

Online Training

Digitize your traditional training. Create customized courses with different structures. Enable your team to take their courses anytime, anywhere.

Blended Learning

Complement the traditional training with online videos, quizzes and materials. Provide the training materials for your employees for future reference.

Training Management

Create a learning plan for each employee, monitor each employee's progress, discover areas for improvement and assess the training effectiveness.

HR On-boarding

Automate the HR on-boarding process. Communicate the company's culture and values effectively to the new hires in a timely fashion.

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.”

Donna J. Abernathy

E-Learning Benefits

E-Learning enables you to achieve the following goals



The training materials remains available at any time for your employees. You can add refreshment materials, updates and quizzes continuously to ensure your employees are up to date.


Schedule Conflicts Avoidance

Avoid scheduling nightmares for classroom-based training. Your employees can access their training anywhere at any time


No Interruption for Working Activities

Do not interrupt regular working activities. Employees can take the courses at their convenient type without interrupting their duties


Cost Reduction

Organizing a course or workshop for a group of people requires costly logistics work, even for small groups, accommodation, transportation, venues rental...etc

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