Create your custom course

Combine different types of contents all in one course
You can choose to add (videos, pdfs, office files, paragraphs, quizes and surveys)

You have the option to change the order of your content anytime
You can also change the order of parts inside any content
Delete option is also available to customize your content at any time
Add one or more assignments to the course with due-date
Assignment dashboard will contain all submissions for the assignment with one click to add/update grade
You can add one or more mcq exams to the course with specific time
Timer is running for trainee during exam, and after time is ended the exam will be auto submitted and evaluated
If your course needs live sessions, you will be able to add them to your course material
Add the start time and the location for your session and it will be displayed in the trainee's calendar
You can choose between different types of sessions: Zoom or on-site An email will be sent to all trainees enrolled in the course to remind them before the session
Add learning track from courses with a specific order
Update courses' order in the track

Update course status

You can change the publish status at any time using the toggle button
Published courses will only be shown in the trainee's dashboard
Certification of completion will appear to the trainee after finishing all the courses' parts
You can disable printing certificate to the courses you still want to edit
Delete the courses you don't want to have on your dashboard anymore
Clone a course with all its content with just one click

Manage course enrollments

Assign one/bulk of trainee/trainess to the course
Search engine offers instant access to all trainees
Want your course to be open enrollment, disable "need access permission" from course details page
Want to approve every enrollment, enable "need access permission", review every enrollment request Give the access to trainee you want to
At any time you want to delete any one from the course, you can remove his enrollment

Monitor every thing

Monitor activity on your platform through your numbers
Number of trainees, courses, videos views, solved question
Graph for number of trainee per every course
Active users with time
For every course see number of enrollments and different progress
Course numbers(contents, videos, quizes)
Graph for trainees progress
Trainees enrollments details
For quiz: see average grade,success rate, pass score
For quiz: question success rate
For survey: pie chart graph shows response for every question
Download row response data or print visualization as pdf
List of users on your platform with search
For every user show his basic info
Courses or tracks he enrolled in
Badges he gained


Fun competition between trainees by adding points for each one depending on his activity
Each trainee gain badge on finishing specific tasks like(finish course, get full mark on exam) and others.
Notification system sends email to trainee to notify him about something
it's covered all changes on system like (assign course, change content, send message, comment on discussion, complete course) and many others.
Send private messages to any one on the system or send private message to group of users enrolled on specific course
Customize your platform as you need, add your logo, use your domain, add your contact info and links
Adding users
It's easy to add new users to the system using single or bulk(using Excel sheet) add
Dual language
Our platform is supported in Arabic and English